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Auditions are from  12AM  to 5PM

Casting Call

Project: "Church World"

TV Series Pilot 

Non-paid, IMDB credit, meal

Genre: Drama/Comedy


**When a congregation loses its founding pastor, a new pastor faces a wide range of problems and personalities while seeking to pursue God's purpose. 


Open auditions will announced soon


New Auditions by appointment

Production dates to be announced in Princeton, WV.

Principle Roles

Pastor Jack Banks, male, early 40s, bright and witty, deep passion for helping people find and follow God.

Laura Masters, female, early 40s, attractive and smart, currently working as a waitress

Supporting Roles:

Isaiah Moore, male, early 60s,  African-American, very wise, chair of the church's board of trustees

Henry Rodriguez, male, early 60s, Hispanic, low key, works as a CPA and treasurer of the Board

Dr. Ryan Bonecutter, male, early 40s, local physician, board member

Alice Pierce, female, early to mid 70s, outspoken, defensive of "the way we've always done it," Pastor Jack's antagonist

Albert Pierce, male, early to mid-70s, milquetoast husband of overbearing wife, Alice

Tina Cipoletti, female, early 40s, stereotypical Italian, husband, Mark, is in the service overseas.

Trudy Matthews, early 30s, the church secretary. A little ditzy, giddy. 

Gus, male, older, night janitor, very wise.

Pastor Carl, male, older, candidate for pastor's position, old time revivalist

Pastor Todd, male, early 20s, candidate for pastor's position, fresh out of divinity school, very nervous

Pastor Josh, male, middle-aged, candidate for pastor's position, flamboyant, flirtatious, made-for-TV minister

Pastor Barry, male, mid-30s, candidate for pastor's position, should have been born in the 60s, peace, love and granola.

Phyllis Parsons, female, 40s, flirtatious, friendly, waitress; good heart; 

Gary, male, 50s, good ole boy

Heather, female, early 20s, young, country girl

Harriet, female, older, nice, elderly lady

Old Bob, male, 50s-60s, good ole boy

Larry, male, 30s - 40s, Isaiah's grocery store manager



Robbie Thompson, male, early 40s, African American

John, male, 50s, hotel manager

Herb, male, older, a prison pastor,

Jeanine, female, older, friend of Alice

Martha, female, older, friend of Alice

Note: The pilot will be the first episode in a six episode series to be broadcast on a national network. It may be recast and reshot prior to full production. Actors cast for the full series will be compensated.

Feel free to print.

Sides for Chruch World


Bluefield Arts Center

500 Bland St Bluefield WV 24701

Bluefield WVA

Church World
Open Auditions at this Location

  •  I-77 S to US-52 S in Bluefield. Take exit 1 from I-77 S.

  • Follow US-52 S to Bland St in Bluefield.

  • Turn right onto Bland St.

  • The destination will be on the right.

bluefield arts building map.png
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